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Rally for keeping The Hobbit in NZ

If you want to help persuade Warners to keep The Hobbit in NZ, you’ll be able to do so next weel:

Mark Harrison, an Auckland actor and founder of the Keep The Hobbit Film Shoot in NZ page on Facebook, is leading the call for actors, all other related trades and the public to join in a show of support for keeping The Hobbit production in New Zealand when executives from Warner Brothers/New Line arrive in NZ next week.

Rallies are called for in the main centres and other towns, such as Matamata and
Queenstown, to show support for keeping the production centered in NZ.

“We want to show Warners and the other producers that there is a groundswell of
support for filming the Hobbit here, and that the actions of a small group should not in any way have the potential to disrupt the production.” Says Harrison.

With over 2,800 supporters, the Keep The Hobbit Film Shoot in NZ Facebook page has
been a focal point for those directly affected by the threat to The Hobbit.

“Our planned ʻShow of Supportʼ rallies are intended to be focused on positively
persuading Warners that they should produce the films here. Weʼre not looking to vilify any unions, but rather to positively show that the whole of NZ is behind the production, whatever it takes. We donʼt want this to be a protest against anyone, we want this to be a rally in favour of the New Zealand film industry and Sir Peter Jackson – we want so many New Zealanders to turn out, that it will make it impossible for Warners to think of moving Hobbiton from Matamata to Europe”

The rallies are provisionally planned for 1 pm Wednesday 27 October. Confirmed
venues, date and time will be released as soon as possible.

 So keep your lunchtimes free on Wednesday.

via: Kiwiblog


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