Krisztián zenél május 21-én, 6.30-tól 9.30-ig (a Lumumba Quartett tagjaként) a New Market-i Cock & Bull Pubban. Beugró nincs.

“The Lumumba Quartet play smooth relaxed groove based latin and funk jazz. They have an extensive repertoire of jazz tunes.
Bassist Nathan Porter is one of the busiest working musos in the Auckland scene. Bass enthusiasts would want to check his extensive latin rhythm chops (obtained from his 2 year professional stint in Brazil) and ability to play big full jazz chords on a 5 string bass.
Guitarist Danesh Balasingam has studied jazz at University. His rich chord substitutions create a sparkling relaxed modern sound to the Lumumba Quartet.
Drummer Geoffrey Palmer is a veteran of the Auckland music scene and has an in depth understanding of latin rhythm and grooves.
Listening to Hungarian born Kris Kovacs on the saxophone is an absolute joy. Noted are his ability to create fluid sweet melodies. The Lumumba Quartet is a must for jazz fans. How often do you hear Donna Lee played as a mambo!”